Mopar® is the brand at Fiat Group Automobiles for aftersales service, customer care, genuine parts and accessories. Mopar® strives to deliver the best customer experience during the life span of your vehicle. Mopar® takes care of your car from the moment it leaves the dealership by ensuring the highest quality service using cutting-edge technology, innovative products, quality and original spare parts.
Genuine parts by Mopar® are designed and engineered to maintain the performance, reliability, and comfort that your car had when it left our factory. Using only genuine Mopar® parts is the best way to get the greatest performance from your car throughout its life span.
Mopar® offers its customers a wide range of accessories, constantly updated and custom built for Jeep® vehicles. They have been developed alongside the design of the vehicle to ensure a direct link between the vehicle and aftersales from the beginning. Click here for the latest accessories from Mopar®. Genuine Mopar accessories have the benefit of a 2 year warranty when installed by an approved Jeep® dealer. Please contact your local Jeep® dealer for a fully fitted price.
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You can call Jeep® from anywhere in Europe (*Remember to check the costs of the call if you call from abroad or from a mobile phone.)

Telephone 00800 0426 5337 (00800 0IAMJEEP):

  • - Press 1 for Roadside Assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • - Press 2 for Customer Relations Enquires
  • - Press 9 for Jeep® International services

Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm.

Customer Service I Am Jeep® provides:

  • • Information about the models and services, the sales network and assist with reception of signals and providing the most appropriate solutions
  • • Roadside assistance, 24-hour 24, 365 days a year to the demands of towing and dépannage in case of failure and accident

The service is accessible through the telephone number* by major European countries - easily memorised by dialling "00 800 0 I AM JEEP" - through the application I Am Jeep® Mobile, available for free from the Apple Store and Google Play, or clicking on the "Contact Us ".
*Remember to check the costs of the call if you call from abroad or from a mobile phone.
Every vehicle requires regular / scheduled maintenance. Therefore, we have developed a maintenance plan to safeguard your vehicle’s working performance and efficiency. Following this plan helps to optimise the performance and fuel consumption of your vehicle during its life span and ensures that your vehicles complies with the latest emissions and environmental regulations.

Warranty on motor

With the purchase of your new vehicle this will include a warranty of 36 months. This comprises of a 24 months unlimited mileage warranty with a further 12 months limited to 60,000 miles from the date of registration. The warranty provides coverage to the vehicle against manufacturing defects that will be resolved free of charge and with the use of original spare parts or remanufactured Mopar.

Warranty repairs will be performed by the Dealership Jeep ® and include:

  • • the repair or replacement of the faulty part
  • • labor for the performance of replacement or repair
  • • the supply of consumables needed to perform warranty repairs

During the warranty on the motor, you can reap the benefits of roadside assistance.

Guarantee on paintwork

Your vehicle is guaranteed against defects in factory paint for a period of 24 months from the date of delivery. The Guarantee is the total or part of the car to the extent necessary to eliminate the anomaly discovered according to the standard conditions of the manufacturer.

Corrosion Warranty

Your vehicle is guaranteed against perforation due to corrosion.
This warranty covers the cost of all parts and labor necessary to repair or replacement of any metal panel that may suffer perforation caused by rust or other corrosion. If the perforation occurs for different causes corrosion, this warranty does not apply. Are not covered or cosmetic corrosion resulting from, for example, by screening of crushed stone or scratches.
This guarantee you apply two time limits, as of the date of delivery of the car:
  • • for sheet metal exterior body (those painted and visible from the outside of the vehicle) the time limit is 7 years, unlimited distance
  • • for other sheet metal, the time limit is 24 months, regardless of distance

    Your vehicle is covered by the following range of services from Jeep® Assistance in the UK or Europe.

    Recovery or Roadside and Home Assistance

    Recovery of your vehicle to the nearest Authorised Jeep® Dealer within a 30 mile radius, should Roadside or Home Assistance prove unsuccessful.

    Journey continuation or return home

    Continuation of your journey or return home via the following methods should you breakdown more than 30 miles from home:

    • • First class rail
    • • Plane (economy class) if the distance to be travelled exceeds 250 miles
    • • A temporary replacement vehicle for 1 day

    Pick-up & go

    This service is available for Jeep® Grand Cherokee only.
    • • Arrangement of a temporary replacement vehicle for 4 working days should your vehicle be recovered to an Authorised Jeep® Dealer

    Temporary Replacement Vehicle

    A temporary replacement vehicle until the vehicle is repaired up to a maximum of 4 working days*

    *Where the time required to repair the vehicle is longer than 4 hours (as certified by a Jeep® Dealer on the basis of the manufacturer’s flat rate schedule)


    3* Bed & Breakfast accommodation up to a maximum of 3 nights should you breakdown more than 30 miles from home

    Return of repaired vehicle

    Return of the repaired vehicle, should you breakdown more than 30 miles from home via one of the following methods:

    • • First class rail
    • • Plane (economy class) if the distance to be travelled exceeds 250 miles
    • • Authorised driver
    • • Recovery

    Repatriation of un-repaired vehicle (from Continental Europe)

    Where repairs cannot be carried out within 5 days repatriation to the Jeep® Dealer nearest to your home address in the UK

    Assistance telephone numbers.

    Your Jeep® Assistance booklet has a full description the service benefits.

    For assistance 24 hours a day, simply call Jeep®Assistance on 00800 1692 1692