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Latest Jeep finance deals

Owning a Jeep® is all about possibilities. The possibility of adventure. Of exploring the unknown. Of a driving experience unlike any other.
But the possibilities don’t end with the vehicle. There are a range of finance options available to help you own the perfect Jeep® for you.
All carefully designed to make financing a more individual experience for everyone.

Jeep Renegade car finance deals

Complete flexibility

With 0% finance deals available across the Jeep® range, you can finance your new Jeep® without incurring extra costs. The simplicity of a
hire purchase arrangement allows you to choose your vehicle and the amount of deposit you wish to pay, and spread the rest of the
purchase over any period between 12 and 60 months. Once your payments have all been made, you’ll own your Jeep® outright. This allows you to budget more simply, gives you the flexibility to control your payments, and gives you ownership of your Jeep® car without needing to pay a deferred lump sum.

For those who aren’t concerned with owning the car outright, an option such as Jeep® Horizon Lease offers a number of benefits. For a
start, you won’t need to worry about selling your vehicle at the end of the contract, you’ll have no concerns over its future value, and all of
your running costs are brought together under one umbrella — with the Road Fund Licence included throughout. Simply choose your car,
agree an annual mileage limit (which you can change at any time) and the length of the term, and a monthly lease price will be generated.
At the end of the term, just return the car to Jeep®, choose a new car and start again.

Jeep Cherokee –car lease & hire options available

Pay less today

If you want the option of owning your car at the end of the lease period, the Advance Payment Plan might be a suitable option. This is
seen by many as a hybrid approach between Jeep® Horizon Leasing and Hire Purchase, allowing you to pay less today and defer part of
the initial outlay until the end of the agreement. This means you can drive a new Jeep® away while paying less upfront.
After all, why wait for your Jeep® when there’s a finance product for right now?

Jeep Grand Cherokee –premium SUV car finance available

Fixed regular payments

Similarly, Jeep® Horizon allows you to budget fixed regular payments. These are reduced by the GMFV (Guaranteed Minimum Future
Value) of the vehicle, which is the optional final payment at the end of the agreement that would see you take full ownership of the vehicle.
The shorter terms mean you can be driving a new Jeep® more often, lowering servicing and maintenance costs and keeping you at the
forefront of new Jeep® technology. The product is fully flexible, allowing you to choose your deposit,
annual mileage and terms to suit your own personal needs.

Jeep Wrangler 4x4–0% APR car finance deals

Practical and affordable

Jeep® customers have the flexibility to choose the payment terms that best suit them, depending on whether you ultimately want to own the
vehicle or not. Whichever option suits you best, there’s a finance package that’ll help. And with 0% finance available across much of the
Jeep® range, you can enjoy your adventure safe in the knowledge you’ll never pay a penny more than you need to.