Jeep 4x4car range

Performance and safety features
of modern Jeeps

When people think of Jeep®, they think of a manufacturer that’s been at the forefront of 4x4 and SUV engineering for decades.
They think of the classic Jeeps that drove 4x4 motoring into the mainstream. They think of pioneers in off-road motoring
who push the boundaries of where you can explore. But that’s not the limit of Jeep’s innovation.

Jeep Cherokee safety features

The forefront of technological advancement

Jeep® vehicles are built to perform in every sense. Pioneering safety features, infotainment systems and cutting-edge performance
combine to deliver an exhilarating driving experience with an excellent safety record. And while it’s well known that larger vehicles tend
to be safer for its occupants, Jeep’s smallest mid-size SUVs — the Renegade and the Cherokee — share impeccable safety records,
with both cars being awarded 5-star Euro NCAP safety ratings. Whichever model of Jeep® you choose to drive, you’re in safe hands.

Jeep Uconnect infotainment system

A more pleasurable driving experience

Jeep’s technological and infotainment advancements can be summed up in one word: UConnect.
Our cutting edge infotainment system keeps you connected to your world while you drive, so you can focus on the open road.

UConnect links with a multitude of car functionalities, as well as providing Bluetooth connectivity for access to hands-free phone capabilities,
streaming audio, text message reading (where available) and voice commands.

This innovation extends to parking. Jeep’s parking assist technology guides you into the tightest of spaces with commands drawn from
ultrasonic sensors. The rear parking cameras (where available) helps you to reverse with confidence, showing the distance from the rear of your car to hidden objects. Practical technology that combines with advanced safety and security features for a truly remarkable experience.

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT–A high-performance SUV

Cutting edge technology

Look under the bonnet of a Jeep® and you’ll find plenty more to marvel at. Take the Jeep® Grand Cherokee SRT. Its performance
is impressive by any measure, but compare its power and speed to its size and you can see how it takes engineering to the next level.
The SRT can hit 60mph inside five seconds, putting out 461bhp with a top speed of 160mph. The 6.4 litre V8 engine is driven
by an 8-speed automatic gearbox, perfectly tuned for quick gearshifts and optimal comfort. The ultimate driving experience.

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT–Sport SUV –dashboard & seats

Pushing the boundaries of performance

Step inside the SRT and experience luxury and innovation in perfect harmony. With 19 speakers as part of its Harman Kardon sound
system, seat-mounted DVD players, Torque leather interiors and a carbon fibre trim, style and substance work together
for a truly sporty, yet highly refined cabin environment.

It’s not just the SRT that’s engineered to excite. Legendary Jeep® innovation is available across the range, with the smaller vehicles
matching their larger relatives for safety and technological advancements. The UConnect infotainment system, for example, is standard
across the range and allows you to take advantage of cutting-edge innovations, whichever Jeep® adventure you choose.