Jeep Grand Cherokee –a large & premium SUV


What are they?

Driving an SUV goes beyond mere practicality. It’s about style and standing out from the crowd. A large premium SUV stands head
and shoulders above other 4x4s, with premium style and luxury additions to set it apart.

A larger body is often accompanied by a larger, engine, improved safety features, more cabin space and even more room
for luggage. The standards for performance and luxury tend to be much higher than the bulk of the SUV market, satisfying those who will
only accept the best in large SUV motoring.

Premium SUV –4x4settings & capabilities


Enter the Jeep® Grand Cherokee. As the most awarded SUV of all time, it can claim to be the king of the E-SUV class. The number of awards it has won are testament to its advanced engineering technology, capability and refined performance.

Take its performance technology. The Grand Cherokee is designed to always put you in control. Whether you’re battling snow, dust,
rain or ice, the Selec-Terrain traction control system is designed to adapt seamlessly to the conditions, allowing you to retain control at all
times and enjoy the ride regardless of the weather or surface, including the Quadra-Drive II 4WD system which has an electronic slip differential for rapid all wheel traction response.

Jeep Grand Cherokee –the most awarded SUV ever


With HID headlamps installed as standard on all Grand Cherokee models, the driving experience is improved further. Designed to
swivel in response to the driver’s steering (on Summit and SRT), Adaptive Headlamps provide better visibility during winter months. At the rear, signature LED lighting forms a beautiful and visible raod presence while a re-sculpted tailgate offers even greater rear visibility. A larger rear spoiler aids the aerodynamic ability of the vehicle –
all part of improved performance.

Jeep Grand Cherokee –leather interior & premium car dahsboard


The premium interior design is a rival to any , with leather-trimmed heated seats with edge welting, an
open-pore wood dash and trim accents to suit your style. The TFT instrument cluster can be tailored and personalised
to your own preferences, putting you in control of your Grand Cherokee.

The technological advancements extend to the mechanical. An eight-speed automatic transmission system is software-driven, giving
better fuel economy, quicker acceleration and smoother gear changes than ever before. The transmission automatically adapts to the
driving conditions, reacting to camber, hill gradients and rates of acceleration in order to seamlessly adjust itself, determining the
appropriate shift maps, from over 40, for the drive. As a result, you benefit from the optimum levels of fuel economy, power and comfort.

Grand Cherokee also features Selec-Terrain, a Sport-mode and on Overland and Summit trims the fantastic Quadra-Lift Air Suspension which can adjust the suspension by up to nearly 3 centimeters to adapt to driving and terrain situations.

Jeep Grand Cherokee –advanced safety technology


The new Grand Cherokee utilises ground breaking technology to put safety first. Innovations such as blind spot monitoring
to tell you when there’s a vehicle in your blind spot. The vehicle also comes with the new Forward Collision Warning system,
which warns you when you’re approaching another vehicle too quickly before providing braking assistance and finally increases
the braking to avoid or mitigate an accident.

The large premium SUV market is geared towards increased luxury, improved performance and enhanced safety technology
Three reasons why the Jeep® Grand Cherokee is one of the most popular premium SUV on the market and the most awarded.