Jeep Cherokee –a mid-size 4x4vehicle

Medium size off-roaders

What are they capable of?

Some people assume that all SUVs and four-wheel-drive vehicles are huge cars unsuitable for day-to-day motoring. Jeep®’s mid-size SUVs
and smaller 2 and 4 wheel-drive cars change these perceptions. Designed with town driving in mind, they offer the freedom of the city
while staying true to Jeeps DNA for off-road capability.

Take the Jeep® Cherokee. It’s built for families who do most of their driving in towns and cities, but still want to enjoy the space, freedom
and possibility for adventure that Jeep® can provide in abundance.

Large four-wheel-drive vehicles are not to everyone’s preference in the Urban world, and this smaller SUV offers all of the practical benefits of a larger vehicle with plenty of agility.

Jeep Cherokee All-Wheel-Drive –front grill

Technological innovation to suit your needs

A medium size SUV such as the Cherokee allows you to drive without the worry of poor fuel economy or expensive road tax. A smaller car
means a smaller engine, which increases fuel economy and reduces emissions. In fact, the Cherokee will cost less to tax
than many family hatchbacks. There are a number of models to choose from to suit your needs: from the entry-level Cherokee
Longitude up to the ‘Trail-rated’ Trailhawk, which includes technological innovations such as hill descent control,
Active Drive Lock and an impressively refined 3.2 litre V6 petrol engine for outright class-leading 4x4 capability.

An ultimate off-roader -Jeep Wrangler

Authentic Jeep® DNA

For those who want to explore the legendary Jeep® DNA at its most accessible, the Jeep® Wrangler offers a truly authentic 4x4 experience.
An icon of 4x4 motoring for nearly 75 years, its design harks back to the original Jeep® 4x4 styling, with traditional round headlights
and the iconic seven-slot grille. Exposed hinges and fine attention to detail provide the perfect finish.

Modern technological innovations

Inside, the Wrangler is no stranger to new technology. The UConnect multimedia system allows you to manage your mobile phone,
satellite navigation system and other electronic devices at the touch of a button. For high definition sound, an exclusive Alpine audio
system delivers an unrivalled listening experience. So while the Wrangler is unashamedly proud of its roots, it refuses to compromise
on any of the modern technological innovations..

Jeep small and medium size SUVs

Authentic, fun motoring experience

Choosing a new family car often requires compromise. One might well want something exciting and impressive. Someone might prefer
something practical and easy to maneuver. And then there are the kids. With Jeep’s family SUV machines, there’s no compromise.
You enjoy an authentic Jeep® motoring experience with all the practicality and agility any modern family requires.
Jeep®’s mid-size SUVs are built for the kids, their friends and an assortment of luggage. They are built for family adventures, complete with the complete all round performance that is in Jeep’s DNA.

Premium Jeep® performance

Who says you can’t have it all? Whether it’s the Cherokee or Wrangler, you enjoy premium Jeep® performance, authentic 4x4 styling and
impressive power and handling, without the worry of spiraling petrol costs or prohibitive road tax. Each model delivers the best of both
worlds, whether you’re looking for style and panache or comfort and practicality. There’s no compromise.