Where others fail, choose Jeep®

On two wheels Gee Atherton is an unstoppable world champion. His mountain bike takes him to places most drivers wouldn’t dream of tackling. So a car has to be pretty tough to keep up.

Luckily the downhill mountain biker has a new Cherokee Trailhawk. The Jeep’s refined comfort provides a taste of luxury before his gruelling mountain descents. And the legendary 4x4 capability is essential when Gee needs to reach those remote locations where other cars would struggle.

“For me the Cherokee Trailhawk is about freedom, and ability to go anywhere, do anything, helping me to push myself and take on more challenges.” That’s a pretty strong endorsement from someone who’s always striving for the best. Gee has won two World Championships, nine World Cups, six British National Championships, and he’s still competing for more titles.

Gee and his siblings live the Jeep spirit of adventure everyday. Stay up to date with their story for some inspiration for your next daring activity.

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