Dan Atherton carves out the toughest mountain bike course in the world at Hardline 2016

Now in its 3rd year, Red Bull Hardline, in association with Jeep, has been hailed as the toughest downhill mountain bike race ever created. Jeep brand ambassador and champion mountain biker Dan Atherton returns once more to test the world’s best riders like never before.

One mountainside in Wales will be transformed into Dan’s vision of the most grueling of racetracks. And arguably the most extreme four minutes of any rider’s life.

Getting to the top will be easy, especially as Jeep will be there to give this year’s contenders a lift. But after that, they’ll be very much on their own, negotiating gnarly rocks, big slabs and sections of tight woodland.

Jeep will also be giving the riders a bit of a boost with the ‘Renegade Step Up’. Crafted out of steel and moved into place by Renegade’s impressive towing capabilities, it will help riders make an otherwise impossible jump.

Hardline takes place on September 18, 2016. Dan Atherton and his brother ‘Gee’ will be competing, no doubt hoping to beat 2015 champion Ruaridh Cunningham. As for who will take this year’s title, that might well be down to whoever is hungry enough to push their own boundaries to the absolute limit. It’s a hunger Renegade drivers understand all too well.

Preview the action from the colossal Jeep Renegade step-up here