Hardline 2016 proved to be the toughest on riders yet

In 2014, Jeep ambassador Dan Atherton designed one of the toughest downhill mountain bike races in the world. Now in its 3rd year, Red Bull Hardline was back on the 18th September testing its riders more than ever before.

Racking up the most injuries was the Renegade ‘Step Up’ jump. It may not have been a challenge for the Jeep Renegade to tow the bespoke ramp into place – but it was undeniably the biggest challenge for the bikers on the day.

Hardline 2016 was a test of strength and endurance, with many riders dropping out. Fellow Jeep ambassador Gee Atherton narrowly came fourth, after falling in practice and damaging an already injured shoulder. But it was Bernard Kerr who took this year’s hard-fought trophy, finishing an overall 2.4 seconds up.

The new champion said: “My favourite was probably the Renegade Step Up. If you got it right and floated that thing it felt so good. It’s probably the hardest jump, but if it’s the hardest you get the best reward, so it’s the most fun.”

If the most rewarding experiences come from tackling the hardest challenges, Bernard should seriously consider taking the Renegade out for a test drive.

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