Jeep Renegade is a versatile small 4x4SUV

Small 4-Wheel-Drive Cars

Throughout generations of motoring, four-wheel-drive cars have been applauded for their practicality and reliability. For those in rural areas, a 4x4 vehicle can be essential to getting about, ideal for tackling bad weather and roads that are poorly surfaced.
But that’s not all a four-wheel-drive vehicle has to offer.

Modern & leather interior in premium small 4x4Jeep Renegade

Space, practicality and impeccable safety

An increased ride height is one factor, which draws people to 4x4s, providing improved visibility. Safety records in 4x4 vehicles
are also impressive: the size and shape of the vehicles offering a lot of protection for the driver and other occupants.
Then there’s the added space and practicality – a big bonus for city drivers.

Historically, the drawbacks of driving a 4x4 or SUV on the roads of a town or city were the poor fuel economy,
high tax brackets and the impracticality maneuvering a large vehicle around narrow streets. Enter Jeep’s small SUVs.
With vastly improved fuel economy, reduced emissions and improved agility, drivers enjoy the best of both worlds –
the space and comfort of an all-wheel-drive car, with the handling and economy of a small vehicle.

Jeep Renegade –a small and agile city SUV

The best of both a 4x4 and small city car

The Jeep® Renegade and Jeep® Wrangler are pushing the boundaries of what a small 4-wheel-drive car can be. More and more drivers are opting for a style of car, which gives them all the best aspects of a large 4x4 as well as the benefits of a small city car. It’s a compromise
many thought couldn’t work. The success of Jeep’s smaller SUVs tells a different story.

Jeep Renegade in action –genuine 4x4capability

why compromise

While the Jeep® Wrangler and Renegade are both innovative 4x4s, they are very different vehicles. One nods to the legendary Jeep® heritage; the other takes it places it’s never been before. But one thing is clear: city SUVs like the Renegade and Wrangler are at the forefront of a growing market. One that offers drivers the best of both worlds. No compromise.