Jeep Renegade –the evolution of city SUVs

The Evolution of City SUVs

Small SUVs, also referred to as city SUVs, are growing in popularity every day. Is it any surprise? Combining the best of large 4x4 vehicles
with the compact comfort of a small city car, they offer a hybrid experience that’s made for exploring both town and country.

Agility and rugged determination -
the perfect combination

As our lives grow more complex by the day, flexible solutions are sought. That goes for cars too. With the rugged determination of a 4x4
SUV and the nimble flexibility of a small city car, city SUVs offer the perfect balance. You enjoy agility and style in a roomy vehicle,
but with good fuel economy to help keep costs down.

Small SUV technology –active parking

Urban motoring at its finest

In an urban area, a smaller car can be a godsend as you navigate your way through tight spaces with ease, all while keeping a good MPG
and not paying through the nose on road tax. Rural areas tend to suit larger cars, vehicles capable of navigating tougher terrain
and operating in all sorts of tough weather conditions.

Small city SUVs bridge the gap. By packing all of the 4x4 capability and rugged style of a large SUV into a smaller vehicle,
they are ideal for use both in rural areas and the city. It is this combination – easy to handle but with larger vehicle capability
– that makes perfect sense in a modern car. Helping the driver adapt to any situation.

Jeep Renegade –an agile city SUV and a capable 4x4

Groundbreaking technology for all terrains

The Jeep® Renegade brings two worlds together on its own terms. It proudly shows off all of Jeep’s best technology, including SUV staples
such as Jeep® Active Drive and Active Drive Low traction systems, Selec-Terrain traction control and a 9-speed automatic transmission
to improve driving comfort and performance. With Hill Descent Control and adaptive traction control systems included as standard,
the Renegade is a capable small off-roader, but with all of the technology you’d expect from a much larger 4x4 vehicle.

While the Jeep® Renegade may be smaller than other SUVs in the Jeep® range, it has real presence. Styled to stand out
from the crowd, engineered to perform in the city and beyond, and with room for up to five people,
it’s an SUV that offers up a whole new world of adventure.

Jeep Renegade SUV’s in various colours

An SUV to fit the modern lifestyle

Modern lifestyles are changing, and that’s reflected in the cars we drive. Throughout history, motoring has reflected society,
from the large American cars of the 1950s to the British Mini revolution in the 1960s and the emergence of the hot hatch in the 1980s.
Today is no different. The emergence of the city SUV reflects the needs of the modern day person
– combining power and capability with affordability and flexibility.

The popularity of small SUV cars is set to keep rising. That means the average driver can look forward to even more technological
innovations in the city SUV market, showing that you needn’t compromise on cost, reliability, capability or agility.
Why compromise when you can have it all?