To mark the 80th anniversary of Jeep®, we’ve created a new premium loyalty program, designed to offer the best care and support to Jeep® owners.

Becoming a part of the Jeep® Wave enables you to take advantage of special events and promotions exclusively available from Jeep® and our partners.

The program includes:

• Dedicated customer care.
• Exclusive advantages for Jeep® owners and access to special events and promotions. exclusively available from Jeep® and our partners.
• Direct access to the Mopar® E-Store.


You can count on 24/7 roadside assistance, as well as the exclusive Jeep Customer Care service, available from 9am to 6pm. Where our team of expertly trained agents will be able to answer any questions and get you back on the road

Choose the easiest way to get in touch: call 0800 1692966 or fill the form to be contacted.



Jeep® Wave gives you access to a variety of unmissable opportunities. When you join the program, you not only enter a world of unbeatable offers and discounts, but also become eligible to attend exclusive events hosted by Jeep®and our partners.



Get exclusive benefits by using the dedicated Mopar® e-Store, where you can find parts, accessories and a wide range of services for your vehicle.

Renegade 4xe

Renegade 4xe

Renegade e-Hybrid

Renegade e-Hybrid

Compass 4xe

Compass 4xe

Compass e-Hybrid

Compass e-Hybrid

Grand Cherokee

Grand Cherokee 4xe


Who is eligible for Jeep® Wave?

All retail customers purchasing a new vehicle will be automatically enrolled into Jeep® Wave.

Even Jeep® owners and members can register to the Wave program and benefit from many advantages, like VIP treatment and access to special events. In this case, the exclusive Customer Care is not included.

How do owners buy into the Jeep® Wave Program?

The Wave program is completely free. Retail customers purchasing a new vehicle will be automatically enrolled into Jeep® Wave.

When does membership in the Jeep® Wave program begin?

Membership for the Jeep® Wave is included as part of an eligible vehicle purchase and begins with the vehicle's purchase. Members need to subscribe on the Jeep® website to gain access to all of the main advantages of the program and enjoy the exclusive benefits.

When can vehicle owners start accessing the website and using their Jeep® Wave membership?

Users can register and log in to access the Jeep® Wave section on the website immediately after the purchase

Can members have more than one Jeep® Wave membership

Yes. Members can have an unlimited number of memberships so long as they have qualifying vehicles. Each membership is linked to a specific Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

What happens if the vehicle is sold?

If the owner buys another Jeep®, the previous Wave credentials remain valid to access the Jeep® Wave section. It will only be necessary to insert the VIN of the new vehicle. If the owner buys another brand or does not buy a car at all, all the Wave benefits and the membership will be lost.

Can you tell me more about the Jeep® Wave dedicated member line?

Jeep® Wave members with eligibility to use the dedicated customer service line will have phone line priority, complaints management priority and support from staff with specific training on every model of the Jeep line up. Roadside assistance is 24/7, and the call center is open from Monday to Friday (9AM to 7 PM).

How can I access my Jeep® Wave account on the website?

Jeep® Wave members can access their account through this link If it’s the first time, you’ll be asked to register and add the vehicle information (VIN number).


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