Jeep® safety standards

Jeep® Compass e-Hybrid relies on a wide range of active and passive safety systems as well as state-of-the-art technology that supports every aspect of the driving experience.

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Adaptive Cruise Control

The new Jeep® Compass e-Hybrid showcases Adaptive Cruise Control as a standard feature. It’s the electronic system tasked with maintaining the vehicle’s cruising speed and a safe distance from the car ahead. In the event of braking or slowing down, the system automatically adapts the speed to maintain the distance.

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Lane keep Assist

The Lane Keep Assist works to keep the car at the center of the lane. If the car approaches the edge of the lane, this system is able to act directly on the steering wheel to correct the vehicle’s position.

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Level 2 automated driving

Jeep® ’s take on the future of mobility is called Highway Assist System (HAS) - the new level 2 automated driving system featured for the first time on a Jeep® model. This system combines Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keep Assist to keep the car at a safe distance from a vehicle in front, constant speed and lane alignment on highways. Jeep® Compass is the first car of range the enables the Level II Autonomous Driving.

Focused on the road ahead

In the new Jeep® Compass e-Hybrid, a suite of safety systems and cutting-edge technologies come as standard to support your driving experience and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of everyone aboard.

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Driver Drowsy Detection

This system is engineered to detect the driver’s fatigue level while suggesting the ideal moment to take a break from driving. The dashboard features a sensor that scans the driver’s retina every seven minutes to assess its degree of alertness and, in case it detects the need to take a break, it alerts the driver with an audible signal while turning on a coffee cup-shaped light on the dashboard.

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Autonomous braking with pedestrian detection

The new Jeep® Compass e-Hybrid is able to prevent or mitigate the consequences of a head-on collision with vehicles, obstacles or pedestrians. If the driver is not responsive enough, the front-end radar detects the presence of obstacles in the car’s trajectory and activates the autonomous braking system to avoid an impact or to mitigate its possible consequences.


A new driving support technology that comes to the rescue during parking maneuvers. The 360° camera projects perimeter images of the car from above onto the infotainment system display, giving you more control over your entry or exit manoeuvres.

Fuel consumption Jeep® Compass e-Hybrid (l/100 km): 6.0-5.6; CO2 emissions (g/km): 128-136. Certified results based on a weighted average of the WLTP test, updated on 04/01/2022 and indicated for comparison purposes.