The Jeep® brand surprises audiences at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show.

After setting a new global sales record in 2018, the Jeep® brand welcomes 2019 as the year of an evolution that remains true to those core values that have been at the heart of the brand for almost eighty years.

The Jeep® brand has always pioneered new segments and new technology: its legend started in 1941 with the Willys-Overland, the first 4x4 vehicle, followed in 1946 by the Willys Wagon, which first introduced the concept of the Sport Utility Vehicle. Its legendary reputation for off-road capability has lasted ever since. Comfort, handling and connectivity has increased over time, in parallel with the all-terrain performance of Jeep® SUVs.

Today, the Jeep® brand is making another evolutionary step along with the environment and reducing the total cost of ownership by presenting its new plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) models. A no-compromise hybrid solution and some of the most advanced eco-friendly technology to provide complete freedom and capability.