Watch the stories of three inspirational people who decided to do things their way and changed their lives forever.
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After an unsettled childhood in London, Chevy Rough began working in The City at a young age in an attempt to gain independence and start afresh. He soon found himself entangled in a debauched cycle of working hard and playing even harder. After 12 years of destructive behaviour, he realised he’d lost control with no real direction and no future.


Chevy knew he needed to make a change and turned his back on his old life. So instead of going to the pub, he started walking, discovering new places and exploring his surroundings. He soon found that he preferred the pace of running as it helped him to control his thinking and led him to meet a new community of people through running groups.


Inspired by the people around him, Chevy started helping others to improve their lives with three core values of his own: movement, connection and community. He began coaching people, both mentally and physically, which led to him feature in the BBC documentary series Mind Over Marathon, where he helped people with a range of different psychological issues train for the London Marathon.


Growing up in Wirral, Mylo Kaye couldn’t envisage a future that was anything but difficult. With very little money around, he had to dive into work so he could help support his family.


However, he struggled with the intensity of working life - deadlines were missed and the quality of his work declined. Not long after Mylo lost his job, his phone was disconnected and he had to move out. He turned to a homeless hostel and, for the next few years, Mylo led a life of isolation and hopelessness. He decided he needed to turn things around and dedicated his life to self-improvement.


The hard work paid off and Mylo was accepted onto a design and business management course at a Manchester university. However, he found the pace of university life too slow. He dropped out of university intent on making his mark on the world.


Mylo set up his own app design agency, Dreamr, where he concentrates on creating beautiful software with the experience of the individual at the heart of each job. Mylo now inspires others as a trustee for a homeless charity for young adults.


Luciana Carvalho Se created her first website at the age of nine. Unusual as it sounds, she was inspired to create it by her father and grandfather who were engineers. Whilst other girls played with dolls, Luciana spent her time nurturing her passion for technology and its applications.


Despite her love for technology, those closest to Luciana put her under constant pressure to pursue a career in the legal industry. As a result, she applied to study law at university in the UK and was accepted.


However, Luciana knew where her heart truly belonged - she ignored the naysayers, walked away from a life in law and embraced her passion by venturing into the technology industry.


Luciana now works with virtual, augmented and mixed realities as the Head of Partnerships at REWIND. Her goal is to connect global brands with emerging tech to create memorable immersive experiences and define new forms of entertainment and engagement. She believes that powerful technology is capable of encouraging business growth and changing how a person thinks or behaves. Since making the decision to follow her dreams, Luciana now breaks new ground as a leading figure in her field.