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          Customer Service

          At the time of purchase, you will benefit from a warranty that begins on the date of delivery, has no mileage restrictions, and which includes: 
          • 24-month warranty on the vehicle
          • 36-month paint warranty
          • 8-month anti-perforation warranty.

          The Warranty Booklet, which you will find on-board the vehicle, is where you can check all the details on conditions and exclusions.
          A paid intervention, or an accessory installed at a Jeep Dealership, ensure a 24-month warranty, with no mileage restrictions (excluding parts subject to wear and tear). 
          The warranty includes:
          • replace or repair of the spare part or accessory from the prior intervention, subject to presenting the respective tax document
          • cost of labour.

          All this, at any European Authorised Network point.
          With extended warranties such as Maximum Care or Powertrain Care you can extend coverage on main electromechanical components for an additional 3 years.
          Yes, if you own an Jeep you can take advantage of the extended warranty plans, which vary depending on the life and mileage of your car.
          There is a wide variety of term and mileage.
          For example, on Maximum Care, there are 6 options for each vehicle:
          • +1 year with 40k, 60k or 100k miles
          • +2 years with 50k, 75k, 125k miles
          Contact your preferred FCA Group Dealership now for more details on benefits, coverage, terms and conditions, or visit
          On our websites, you will find all the factsheets on extended warranty plans on the various electrical & mechanical coverage included, the description of component families considered and all benefits intended for you.
          You can always contact your preferred FCA Group Dealership for more details.
          The answer is no. Instead, they offer the possibility of extending them beyond the first 3 years of your car's warranty.
          Fiat Chrysler Automobiles UK Ltd. and Mopar® wish the best care for you and your car, always ensuring that all activities are carried out in compliance with the Warranty and Maintenance Plan, thanks to:
          • the help of expert and qualified technicians, trained directly by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
          • the use of genuine spare parts
          • a broad network of authorised garages throughout Europe.
          All details on the frequency and mileage limits the servicing should be done in are given in the Scheduled Service Plan, including the Owner’s Manual on board your car.
          We have a wide and flexible range of packages and maintenance programmes, which are also transferable should you decide to sell your car, so it maintains its constant market value over time. 
          You can choose from various degrees of coverage, duration and mileage, depending on your current requirements.
          We recommend preferably going to a Jeep Authorised Workshop. 
          Should you decide to go elsewhere, always keep the invoice for the intervention.
          Yes, if you have a Jeep you can take advantage of the extended maintenance plans, scheduled and otherwise, which vary depending on the life and mileage of your car.
          Costs vary depending on your car’s model, the mileage and duration of the plan you selected. 
          Contact your preferred FCA Group Dealership for more details on benefits, coverage, terms and conditions, or visit:
          Before the first maintenance servicing for your Vehicle.
          On our site, you’ll find the factsheets on maintenance plans, scheduled and otherwise, with the description of the component families considered and all benefits designed or you.
          You can always contact your preferred FCA Group Dealership for more details.
          Fiat Chrysler Automobiles UK Ltd and Mopar® want the best care for you and your car, always ensuring that all activities are carried out in compliance with the Warranty and Maintenance Plan, thanks to:
          • the help of expert and qualified technicians, trained directly by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
          • the use of genuine spare parts
          • a broad network of authorised garages throughout Europe.
          This is a collection of applications that enable you to access your whole digital world through your car’s radio. Thanks to touchscreen systems and a special interface that limits distractions for the driver, now you can enjoy a safe, fun driving experience. 
          Simply download the Uconnect LIVE app free from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and login with a Fiat Chrysler Automobiles account. Once you’ve launched the app and connected the phone to the radio via Bluetooth, you will enjoy access to all services.
          There are really lots of them and they continuously change because they constantly evolve. 
          They may be tied to the creation of a special account (Twitter), or a subscription (Deezer Premium). 
          We can however give you a list of the apps currently available, which are: 

          • my:Car
          • eco:Drive
          • Jeep Skills
          • UconnectTM for Twitter
          • Facebook Check In
          • Deezer
          • TuneIn
          • Reuters
          • TomTom LIVE (if your car radio includes navigator).
          • Fiat 500X
          • Fiat 500L
          • New Fiat 500
          • Fiat 500S
          • Fiat Tipo Station Wagon
          • New Fiat Doblò
          • New Lancia Ypsilon
          • Jeep® Renegade
          • New Alfa Romeo Giulietta
          • New Alfa Romeo Mito
          • Abarth 595

          Compatible radios include:
          • Uconnect 7" HD Nav LIVE
          • Uconnect 7" HD LIVE
          • Uconnect 6.5" Radio Nav LIVE
          • Uconnect 5" Radio LIVE
          • Uconnect 5" Radio Nav LIVE
          It is the perfect combination of technological functions that provide all the information and entertainment you desire whilst at the wheel, so you can focus on your driving experience.
          Touchscreen, voice-activated and steering wheel controls, crisp displays, easy-to-understand buttons are just part of the innovative system designed and built to meet your needs. 
          Uconnect also provides you with one of the most advanced navigation systems as it was designed to fit your vehicle model perfectly.
          Access SETTINGS and select the language you want.
          On, the new Fiat Chrysler Automobiles site designed specifically to update the navigator, you can sign up your car and instantly discover whether new maps are available.
          Yes, but only if it’s compatible. You can instantly check here.
          • Activate the Bluetooth function on the phone
          • Press the PHONE button on the front panel of the car radio
          • If no phone is connected, the display shows a special screen
          • Select YES and search the Uconnect device on the phone
          • You may be asked for the PIN code: enter it on the display and confirm on the phone
          • IT is possible to connect more than one phone, by entering SETTINGS and selecting entry ADD DEVICE
          • The whole operation is displayed on a screen that summarises the steps completed
          • Once you have finished, the final screen appears to confirm all steps and finalise connection, then answer YES.
          When the phone’s operating system is updated, it is necessary to register it again, but first:
          • remove it from the list of devices associated with the radio
          • eliminate the previous link from the list of Bluetooth devices on the phone as well.
          The Uconnect system was designed to automatically connect to your phone.
          To set a Bluetooth smartphone, you should:
          • press the APPS button on the front panel of the radio
          • select SETTINGS and BLUETOOTH
          • select PHONE/BLUETOOTH on the display
          • select COORDINATED PHONES or the AUDIO LINKS list using the corresponding button on the display
          • select the specific device (mobile phone or Bluetooth device)
          • press the CONNECT button.
          Check whether you selected from your phone’s menu the function that enables automatic connection. 
          Remember that, if there are multiple phones linked, the system always considers the first linked device.
          If there are multiple devices linked, the system always considers the first linked phone as the PREFERRED one. 
          The order of priority for the other connected devices, that are not set as PREFERRED, is determined by the order in which they were added to the list: the last device connected is the one with top priority.
          No, this button, which is on the steering wheel, only activates voice recognition for RADIO/MEDIA.
          All voice commands for the phone can be instead activated by pressing the PHONE button, which is also on the steering wheel.
          When you connect the device where you store your music, the voice recognition system needs a little time to synchronise all files. 
          The time required depends on the quantity of music you are loading.
          To make calls using voice commands, you should:
          press the PHONE button on the steering wheel to access the phone commands. 
          wait a few seconds to give time to the system to synchronise and load phone data. 
          Remember that if your list has over 1000 contacts, you cannot use this function.
          Voice recognition precision depends on many factors: background noise, the accent of the person giving the command, and the commands available. Sometimes the system may respond to one command instead of another, but this is normal, precisely because of these variables.
          • Download the Uconnect LIVE app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
          • Launch the app on your phone and connect it to the radio via Bluetooth.
          • Press the APPS button on the radio and access the list of services available.
          For more details, you can download the whole activation guide from here.
          Here’s the list: Italy, France, Germany, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Poland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Romania, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Malta, Cyprus.
          The Uconnect LIVE services can be accessed in the car via your mobile’s data traffic. 
          Using applications via streaming entails high data usage, and if you are in roaming, i.e. abroad, it entails additional costs. Remember that your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection must always be active while you use the services. 
          We therefore recommend checking term conditions with your mobile carrier.
          For enabled cars, Uconnect LIVE services are free, except, obviously, the data traffic usage that you pay your mobile carrier. 
          Services may be tied to the creation of special accounts (Twitter), or subscriptions (Deezer Premium).
          If you activated the Uconnect LIVE services to your phone first, you are the Master. 
          As Master, you can invite 3 people, under the entry FRIENDS, to use the connected services directly from the app installed on your smartphone, or your reserved area on 
          The friend you invited will receive an email with the invitation to access Uconnect LIVE on your car. 
          Remember that just one user at a time can use the on board services. 
          As Master, you can remove a friend from the list, or they can decide to remove their account from the list.
          In this specific case, it is possible that the connected services have already been activated by the previous Master. To eliminate them, we recommend contacting our Customer Care.
          You can check the expiration date on your phone via the Uconnect LIVE app, or in your reserved area on 
          The system will regularly notify you of available updates via messages that appear on the radio display. 
          When you receive a message, you can immediately download the updates, or postpone the download to a later time, just like on your phone. 
          Update alerts will appear each time you restart the system. 
          We remind you that only in case of required updates and in the presence of a connection the system will automatically proceed with the download.
          Yes, you can use any internet connection, including Wi-Fi and hotspots. 
          The size of the download will always be shown in the installation message.
          The voice synthesizer (Text to Speech) supports pronunciation in just one language at a time. 
          To modify and select the language, you must access the radio SETTINGS.
          For multilingual apps, the system will only read the parts written in the language set (e.g. Reuters).
          Yes, of course, for all standard functions.
          In particular, you can launch individual applications with the following radios:
          • Uconnect 6.5" Radio Nav LIVE
          • Uconnect 5" Radio LIVE
          • Uconnect 5" Radio Nav LIVE.
          Since 2015, Uconnect LIVE is available on some models and markets. 
          When you purchase one of our cars, you will receive an email with all the details to activate and use connected services for the model you chose.
          You can download it for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store on your smartphone, if it’s compatible. 
          It is available in Italy, France, England, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Slovakia, Finland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Estonia, Malta, Cyprus.
          The minimum requirements are:
          • Bluetooth version 2.1 or higher + EDR
          • Android Operating system Android 4.0 or higher.
          • Recommended screen resolutions: 480x800, 540x960, 720x1280 and 1080x1920.
          • Apple Operating system iOS 7.0 or higher.
          • Recommended screen resolutions: 640x960, 640x1136, 750x1334 and 1080x1920.
          It’s easy: just access SETTINGS and modify it on your phone, just like you do for all your other apps.
          It happens. 
          my:Car reports the fuel level on your smartphone by referring to the last trip in which you connected. The data between your car and the app are synchronised when you switch off the vehicle, and are associated with the date and time in which they were transferred. 
          If, the last time you drove, you did not connect to Uconnect LIVE, the my:Car data are not aligned with the real ones on the vehicle. 
          To avoid confusion, you will always find the date of the analysis next to the value displayed, in both the Web version and on the mobile app.
          All USB flash drives with a memory equal to or less than 64 GB.
          This is a technological platform that enables you to call friends, receive incoming SMS, listen to your music and receive road directions. 
          All this in complete safety, without ever having to lift your hands from the steering wheel. 
          Using it is easy and straightforward: all you need is a phone compatible with the platform functions.
          Learn more
          Call the Jeep Dealership right away with an ID card and your Vehicle Registration Document. 
          The service network will immediately request a duplicate code from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Italy, which you should receive within a week.
          We remind you that this type of service is for a fee.
          No problem: our Customer Care is active 24/7, 365 days a year.
          Call the Universal International Freephone Number 00 800 0426 5337, which is free and active throughout Europe, and select 1 ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE, if your car broke down in UK. If, instead, you’re abroad, select 4 INTERNATIONAL SERVICES, which, in addition to ensuring support in case of an emergency, also offers the possibility of choosing your language. 
          There is also 0044 208 666 9223, which you can contact if you have trouble in getting a connection on the Universal International Freephone Number. 
          To learn what countries coverage applies in, consult the Warranty Booklet you have in your car.
          Recall Campaign is a voluntary action of the Car Manufacturer to correct any problems on its products related to the safe operation of the vehicle or to correct not conformities. FCA will correct the problem, at no charge, even if the vehicle is out of warranty and you are not the original owner.
          As soon as you receive a notice, contact immediately a Dealership or Authorised Service Centre to book the intervention recommended for your car. 
          You can find all contact persons for our dealerships and authorised centres by clicking here.
          When you call to make an appointment, we remind you to have your vehicle’s chassis number on hand, which you will find in the Vehicle Registration Document (on page 2, under E).
          Yes, of course. There are no additional costs.
          This depends on the time it takes to tune your car. 
          At the time of booking, garage personnel will be able to provide you with all details on how long the intervention takes and on using any courtesy vehicle.
          To find out, you can call the Toll-Free Number 00 800 0426 5337 or check directly at an Authorised Service Centre. 
          Always remember to have your vehicle’s chassis number on hand, which you will find in the Vehicle Registration Document (on page 2, under E).
          If you are no longer the owner of the car involved in the Recall Campaign we notified you about, we kindly ask , if you can, to send us the name and address of the new owner. 
          All you need to do is fill out the preprinted and pre-stamped card that you find attached to the letter you received.
          Then send it to:Freepost RRAG-UERA-ZHGX, Fiat Group Automobiles UK Ltd, Birmingham, B26 3PG
          Thank you!
          Fiat Chrysler Automobiles UK Ltd. and Mopar® want you and your car to have the best care and the most efficient service thanks to:
          • the help of expert and qualified technicians, trained directly by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
          • the use of genuine spare parts
          • a broad network of authorised garages throughout Europe.
          Simple: only those who conceived, designed and built your car know it better than anyone else.
          Original spare parts are the result of a constant commitment in the research and development of innovative technologies. 
          Additionally, they are subject to strict inspections from the moment they are designed until they enter production, to ensure reliability, comfort, performance and safety.
          Yes, you can install tyres on your car that are of the right size but have higher speed ratings. 
          You don’t have to get clearance to do so. 
          Instead, in all other cases, for your safety and that of others, clearance is absolutely required.
          You can simply contact an authorised Dealership, which will provide all the information on all the right tyres for your car.
          M+S tyres, whose acronym stands for “mud and snow”, bear these two initials on the sidewall of the tyre and are legally equivalent to winter ones. This type of tyre is also known as “all weather” and “all-season”. 
          Winter tyres, also known as snow tyres, in addition to the letters M+S, also have a symbol moulded on the side: a three-peak mountain with a snowflake. These latter tyres offer distinctly higher performance both when braking and on snowy roads.
          You can find all information on Fix&Go in your car’s Owner’s Manual, or you can consult the instructions contained directly in the kit. We recommend reading them carefully before using it.
          You can find the complete range in the section ACCESSORIES. 
          Simply select your car’s model, enter the dedicated area, and customise your car. 
          Additionally, you can sign up your car and discover special offers.
          Because it is important to entrust your car to those who know it really well, down to the last detail. 
          Original accessories perfectly integrate with all the mechanical and electronic parts of your car. 
          They are regularly subject to strict inspections, to give you top comfort, performance, safety and customisation over time.
          I am Jeep

          Universal Telephone Number

          You can call Jeep® using the Telephone Number 00800 0 426 5337 from the major European countries*.

          Use our rapid dialling system - on your phone key 00 800 0 IAM JEEP.

          *Remember to check the costs of the call if you call from abroad or from a mobile phone.

          Please check the user and maintenance handbook

          Download your car’s handbook in digital format so you always have it one click away for all your devices!