The Seven-Decade Adventure: Jeep®'s Anniversary Trail Ride Celebrates 70 Years on the Rubicon Trail ‎

This summer marked an incredible milestone for Jeep® Jamboree and the Jeep® brand. Together, they're raising a toast to 70 years of unforgettable extreme off-roading on the Rubicon Trail. A symbol of the legendary Jeep® 4x4 off-road adventure culture since 1953, the Rubicon Trail remains one of the world’s most grueling off-road paths.

An entourage of 450 enthusiasts on a convoy of 125 Gladiators and Jeep® Wranglers commemorated the Rubicon Trail's seven-decade legacy. The Rubicon Trail, situated near Lake Tahoe in Northern California, presents off-road aficionados with roughly 22 miles of the world's hardest off-road terrain. Jeep®'s Trail Rated 4x4 vehicles are created to dominate such landscapes. Joining this adventure, Jeep®'s 4xe vehicles are tackling the trail, showcasing the brand's commitment to electrification and pushing off-road capability boundaries.

At 7,000 feet elevation, the Rubicon Trail has etched its name as the premiere 4x4 route in the US. Jeep® Jamboree journeys through 17.5 miles of this tough terrain. Since the inaugural Jeep® Jamboree in 1953, when founder Mark Smith rode across the Rubicon Trail with 55 Willys, the Jeep® Jamboree has since held a sacred place in off-road tradition and keeps growing annually. Interest has soared recently, especially post-COVID, as people crave the feeling of open-air freedom with their Jeep® vehicles. Growing every year, Jeep® Jamboree is now expanding to host two trips in Iceland.

A milestone for Jeep® came in 2002 with the introduction of the Wrangler Rubicon, bearing the Rubicon Trail's namesake. Equipped with new features, including Dana 44 axles, front and rear lockers, disconnecting sway bar, rock rails, 31-inch tires, and wheel flares, it revolutionised off-roading.

The Jeep® Wrangler Rubicon remains a testament to the Jeep® brand's relentless drive for innovation. By utilising insights from legendary off-road destinations like the Rubicon Trail as well as feedback from devoted enthusiasts, the brand consistently propels its entire lineup into the future.