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          Mopar® Original Parts

          Only professional, certified operatives can service your vehicle and hand it back to you preserving the same quality standards as the day it left the factory. Genuine or equivalent spare parts are designed to guarantee the best in the matter of reliability, comfort and efficiency for you and your car.

          When your car’s warranty expires, Mopar® has created the new Essential Parts range, designed for your Jeep with more than 4 years to offer you the maximum quality, reliability and affordability at truly advantageous prices.

          Beware of counterfeit spare parts, which are often of low quality and may cause damage to your vehicle and yourself.
          • Tyres
            • Tyres
              IN SHORT


              Having your tyres in tiptop shape is indispensable for making sure you have full control when at the wheel.

              Tyres are the only point of control between your car and the asphalt. Optimum grip and friction with the road very much influence the vehicle’s stability, its hold on curves, its reactivity in emergency manoeuvres, braking distance and precision in trajectories.
              In our range, we offer you only the best brand tyres, to guarantee the maximum performance in terms of performance and safety when driving.



              summer tyres
              SUMMER TYRES

              So you don’t go on holiday without your driving safety

              winter tyres
              WINTER TYRES

              To ensure maximum control at all times

              four season tyres
              FOUR SEASON TYRES

              For your peace of mind twelve months a year


              Did you know that...?


              Code secrets

              tyres aquaplaning

              Cool head and firm hands

              tyres correct dimension

              More safety, less consumption

              tyres correct pressure

              Pay attention to the handbook

              Icon coin
              Tread thickness Learn to measure with a 2€ coin: if the minimum depth of the incisions over the whole tread surface is higher than the outer crown, then it is within the 1.6 mm as per law.
              Icon wheel
              Tyre integrity When you notice cuts on the sides of a tyre, replace it immediately: your driving safety has been seriously compromised, especially of the cut is deep enough to affect the carcass.
              Icon vibration
              Steering wheel vibrations If you notice steering defects, check that the rims aren’t deformed or dented: if ignored, they can lead to tyre detachment (bead loosening).

              Your tyre in three parameters

              European tyre labelling

              European tyre labelling offers important information on environmental and safety aspects for every kind of tyre. It classifies tyres according to the fuel saving, to the grip on wet surfaces and to the noisiness. This has applied to all new tyres on the European market since 2012. The laws in effect stipulate that they be applied directly onto the tyre.

              Tyre integrity
              When you notice cuts on the sides of a tyre, replace it immediately: your driving safety has been seriously compromised, especially of the cut is deep enough to affect the carcass.

              Resistance to rolling
              Resistance to rolling assesses the capability of a tyre to save car fuel. An efficient tyre requires less energy to roll and thus less fuel. Regulation EU 1222/2009 defines 7 classes, from A (highest savings, lowest resistance) to G (lowest savings, highest resistance). If you select a class A tyre instead of a class G, you save 6 litres of fuel every 1,000 km, reducing your consumption up to 7.5%.

              Grip on wet surfaces
              Grip on wet surfaces is the parameter that helps you choose the safest tyres, because it assesses a car’s ability to stop quickly on a slippery surface. Classification is between A (maximum grip, greater safety) and F (minimum grip, less safety). Classifications D and G are not used for cars. Travelling at a speed of 80 km/h, class A tyres ensure a braking distance18 meters less than those in class G.

              External noise from rolling
              When you are at the wheel, your car’s noise is partly caused by the tyres. Selecting a tyre with a good noise classification reduces your driving impact on the environment. The European noise rating measures the outside tyre noisiness output in decibels (dB). To simplify the picture, speaker that emits black waves is used: one wave defines a quiet tyre, two, moderate and three a noisy tyre.

          Essential Parts

          The range of parts powered by Mopar® and designed for your Jeep with more than 4 years that offers you maximum quality at truly advantageous prices.

          Remanufactured Spare Parts

          By starting with original used components, we can create a product which offers a performance equivalent to that of a new vehicle.

          Oils and Fluids

          Oils And Functional Fluids Exclusively Designed By Petronas For Jeep.

          Counterfeit spare parts: What are they? What are the risks? What can you do?

          Counterfeit spare parts do not guarantee adequate quality standards and put your driving safety at risk. Learn how to recognise them.

          Would you like to know more about it?

          Do you need more information about a specific problem? Contact your retailer to make an appointment!