In a year that has seen the country cooped up, it seems that UK motorists are experiencing acute wanderlust and a desire to get out and explore the outdoors in the build up to their Christmas celebrations.

With families and friends able to form a Christmas bubble, many are now thinking of exploring the great outdoors as they travel to see loved ones over the festive period. Up to 11 million are looking to escape from towns and cities, and enjoy all that the countryside has to offer, while more than half (54%) are determined to broaden their horizons and explore a little further.

With time at home allowing us to reflect, 37% have realised that there’s much more to see and do than they previously appreciated. And it seems it’s not just about us enjoying the outdoors this Christmas - as nation of animal lovers, we’re keen to make sure our furry friends have some festive fun, with 42% on the lookout for dog-friendly locations.

Known for its captivating coastlines, ancient woodlands and rugged vistas, the UK is a country of contrasts. With destinations like Durdle Door in Dorset, Sherwood Forest in Nottingham and Glen Coe in Scotland there’s something amazing on almost every long journey, and the research found that 12% are plotting ‘taking the scenic route’ to visit selected relatives, allowing them to take in some of the breath taking landscapes along the way.

Mindfulness and relaxing over the holidays also play their part and one in five (20%) are looking to switch-off from work over the festive week and enjoy the drive.  

We’ve put together a list of the Top Ten sites to explore in the UK, to ensure you get the most from your time on the road this festive season:

●Stonehenge in Wiltshire,
●Durdle Door in Dorset,
●Lake Windermere in Cumbria,
●Needles in the Isle of Wight
●Beachy Head, Eastbourne
●Glencoe Valley, Scotland
●Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland
●Sherwood Forest, Nottingham
●Cheddar Gorge, Somerset
●Loch Ness, Scottish Highlands
●Three Cliffs Bay, Wales


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