The Jeep Renegade 4xe Earns Glowing Praise from HELLO! magazine

Freelance car journalist Gareth Herincx test drove the Jeep Renegade 4xe for HELLO! magazine recently – and after putting it through its paces across several different terrains, he seemed thoroughly impressed by the experience!

Describing the ‘charismatic crossover’ as ‘an even more tempting proposition’ now that it’s available as an electrified version, he praised the 4xe for both its low running costs and low CO2 emissions – made possible by the vehicles hybrid technology and features such as regenerative braking – but noted that ‘despite the addition of hybrid technology, the Renegade remains much the same, which is no bad thing’.

Marvelling at the versatility of the compact SUV and its ability to cope with ‘a special course involving thick, slippery mud, steep hills and tricky dips’ while being ‘a doddle to drive in town too’, HELLO! magazine’s test driver concluded that the 4xe ‘should definitely be on your shortlist if you're looking for a compact plug-in hybrid SUV with genuine off-road capability. Funky, easy to drive and spacious, it’s available with a three-year servicing and roadside assistance package, plus an eight-year battery warranty for that extra peace of mind.’

Can’t say fairer than that! You can read the full review here.