Recently the Jeep team packed their bags, and cameras, and set off deep into the Norfolk countryside to film the Wrangler being put through its paces on a family holiday. With its Sky One Touch Roof, ample storage, 4X4 capability and infotainment system the Wrangler quickly showed why it’s the ideal vehicle for a family getaway.


The film takes us down rough woodland trails and the wild Norfolk countryside, no problem for a vehicle with Wrangler’s capability, as the family get closer to nature and tuck into a midnight marshmallow campfire feast. The next morning, with the large boot loaded with swimming and surf gear, they head for the beach, where once again the Wrangler demonstrates just how much fun it is to drive.


The perfect day ends with a beautiful beach scene as our family look out over a stunning Norfolk sunset, with their new family member (The Wrangler) joining in! Discover for yourself why the Jeep Wrangler makes the perfect family car here.


Meanwhile, why not have a peek at our behind-the-scenes snaps and watch the film.