Jeep Renegade 4xe Introduces Advanced Theft Assistance Technology

Jeep Renegade 4xe owners will now benefit from an extra layer of peace of mind -and less separation anxiety - thanks to an innovative new security feature designed to instantly notify them if their vehicle is being broken into (or towed)!

My Theft Assistance, which has recently launched in the UK as part of My Uconnect services, is able to detect if someone is trying to break into or tamper with the Jeep Renegade 4xe. It then alerts the owner of the intrusion via text message with an instant ‘Theft Alarm Notification’.

If thieves do manage to successfully steal the vehicle, the owner can access immediate assistance through the My Uconnect mobile app. Once the theft is confirmed through the app and a police report, a number of handy additional safety technologies are activated via the app, including a vehicle tracking function (similar to the ‘Find My Phone’ function available on smartphones, but tailored to your Jeep).

Of course, hopefully this feature will never be necessary – but as Damien Dally, country manager Jeep UK, said: ‘The increase in car thefts across the UK is cause for concern and an experience that owners will be looking to avoid at all costs. The innovative theft assistance technology will undoubtedly give Jeep owners, and future buyers, peace of mind that their car and possessions are in the safest possible hands.’

Agreed – always better to be safe than sorry!