It’s a race with Jeeps, but not as we know it. In the Wings for Life World Run, runners in 34 locations across the world set off at the same time. 30 minutes later, the cars get involved. The charity race (to help cure spinal cord injury) keeps going until the catcher car overtakes every last runner.

In the UK, a Renegade hunted down the competitors, including Jeep ambassadors Andrew Cotton and Aimee Fuller. Despite the best efforts of the runners, the Jeep’s unrelenting progress along the course proved too much. Steve Way made it an impressive 63.75km in Cambridge. But Giorgio Calcaterra in Milan took the title – completing 88.44km out of the 100km course.

Damien Dally, Jeep UK’s Head of Brand, said “Jeep vehicles are fit for drivers of varying physical capabilities and so we are proud to partner with a charity which aims to get the whole world moving.” For a good cause, our Renegade was more than happy to chase down competitors in the only race where the finish line comes to you. "