Public charging solutions

Thanks to a Mode 3 cable, you can easily recharge your Jeep® 4xe Plug-in Hybrid at any public point of recharge, such as a supermarket car park or an airport.  With a 7.4 kW charging power, you can recharge your vehicle in just 1hr and 40 minutes.  Thanks to My Uconnect Mobile App and My easy Charge card, you can easily recharge your hybrid vehicle using public recharging stations.  To receive the My easy Charge card, you can subscribe or access via your My Uconnect account online.


We want you to drive at your best, so we implemented Uconnect™ Services with more functionalities, specifically designed to help you recharge your new Plug-In Hybrid vehicle. This way, you can easily manage any of our wallboxes and public recharging stations directly from your smartphone thanks to My Uconnect™ mobile app.

My eCharge
  • Find public recharging stations on the map, use them and pay directly from your smartphone.
  • Manage your EvBox Elvi Connected Wallbox

My Car
  • Check in on your vehicle’s battery level.

My Navigation
  • Find the nearest public charging station and calculate the route with the residual battery.

My Remote
  • Manage and schedule the recharge.
  • Precondition your Jeep®'s climate and ensure the best comfort from start.

Pair your Jeep® 4xe Plug-in Hybrid with your smartphone using My Uconnect™ mobile app and unlock its full potential.